what is opc?

Detailed explanation Preventive and therapeutic effects of OPC / (oligomeric proanthocyanidins)
OPC / Vitamin P is a relatively young vitamin and, due to its enormous potency, scandalously sabotaged by certain lobby groups! Because of this, there are not nearly as many studies on the OPC as there are for other older vitamins - but those that are available to us are enormously promising and suggest a previously unprecedented positive effect on our health Side effects and complete safety!
Experiences of people who already use OPC can also conclude with an immense gift of nature with numerous advantages, which we have not yet known today from a single vitamin!
In addition to the collagen and elastin synthesis, and thus the structure and repair of the human tissue, no other known substance of this world is as successful as OPC / vitamin P (to remember: OPC is the only substance that binds directly to the proteins!), OPC is using a previously unknown force to neutralize the harmful free radicals - with a 20-fold effect of vitamin C and the 50-fold effect of vitamin E!

The chronic vitamin deficiency in the population is currently the biggest health problem at all!

While the amount of vitamin and nutrients in our fruits and vegetables falls drastically from year to year, which is due to leached soils, air pollution, long storage and rapid growth, only 11% of the men are found to be affected And 14% of women are the already extremely understated vitamin C recommendation of the German Society for Nutrition and the World Health Organization (WHO) of 60-100mg per day!

The same is true for all other vitamins - and here OPC comes into play:

OPC / Vitamin P can prolong and multiply the effectiveness of vitamins! For example, studies show that vitamin C, A and E are active ten times longer in the presence of OPC!

ARTERIOSCLEROSIS: Heart attack, stroke, pulmonary infarction, thrombosis
Arteriosclerosis ("calcification of veins") means the storage of blood fats and calcium on the inner wall of the blood vessels (arteries)! Storage leads to clogging of the blood vessels so that oxygen enriched blood can not flow properly.

If the blockage of the artery is so great that the blood does not reach the heart behind it, the heart does not get oxygen, which leads to myocardial infarction!

If the supply to the brain is blocked by blockage of the blood vessels, this leads to the stroke! Lung infarction is based on the same principle, thrombosis is also a result of arteriosclerosis.
The enormous importance of this finding comes from the sad fact that about half (50%!) Of all Central Europeans (Germans) die exactly on this mechanism AND this mechanism is sustainable and even reversible!
How can arteriosclerosis be prevented?
The absolute prerequisite for the storage of blood fats (cholesterols) and calcium, for the development of arteriosclerosis, is first of all a brittle intima (internal wall of the blood vessels). Only if the smallest cracks are present, the blood fats and calcium in the blood can settle on the inner wall! These "bad" blood components therefore require rough surfaces for docking!

If, on the other hand, the inner wall of the blood vessels is mirror-like, the blood fats and calcium glide along it like a mirror and do not form arteriosclerosis!
While dietary guilt is still being blamed for high cholesterol (see menu item "Cholesterol Lies"), more recent studies suggest that food is only 5% of total cholesterol - 95% of cholesterol is used for the purpose of compulsive digestion by the liver , When the brain reports that there are fractures / small cracks in the vessel walls!
Every year, 1.2 billion euros are spent on medicines to lower cholesterol. In addition, the margarine industry is profiting from this lie, which is sustained by all means! So there are enough reasons to keep this lie! (See menu item: "The cholesterol lie")

A representative, eight-year study from the US on 50,000 older women, half of which (25,000 women) had low fat and the other half (25,000 women) ate, showed no health difference after these 8 years! * 5
Since the structure of our blood vessels consists mainly of the two proteins collagen and elastin, and as reported in no other known method so effectively the collagen elastin tissue can protect and repair, with sufficient OPC (and vitamin C) NO microtraumen (cracks ) In the vessel wall - which successfully prevents the process of arteriosclerosis!
OR OTHERWISE EXPRESSED: Arteriosclerosis is nothing but a precursor to scurvy!
While the total bursting of the vessels (= scurvy) with only very little vitamin C (> 10 mg / day) and OPC can be prevented, the officially recommended doses of 60-100mg can reliably prevent scurvy Which can accumulate deposits and initiate arteriosclerosis with its terrible consequences (heart attack / stroke)!
On the Vitamin C side (www.vitamin-c-camu-camu.com) you can find detailed information and the detailed studies for the prevention and repair of the blood vessels with vitamin C in detail - since the OPC the effect of vitamin C around the 10-fold increased, one can assume here that both vitamins complement each other wonderfully!

Arteriosclerosis, therefore, is both avoidable and reversible, as opposed to the medical opinion of the school.
Furthermore, the vitamin P / OPC can avoid an acute myocardial infarction on the spot! In its function as the strongest antioxidant, OPC starts the explosion of the free radicals - directly during a heart attack - it neutralises the harmful substances and thus spares the heart tissue, which would die in the normal case!

However, in advance, OPC prevents the oxidation of cholesterol, which otherwise accumulates on the inner skin of the blood vessels! * 6
Half (50%!) Of all Central Europeans and Americans die from myocardial infarction or brain stroke as a result of arteriosclerosis - and already with a relatively low dosage of vitamin C and OPC as an amplifier, this can be stopped!
Approximately every third person is affected by cancer in Central Europe and the USA, and every fourth dies.

As we have already learned from the menu item "Vitamin C", a number of mechanisms of the partnervitamin vitamin C are involved in the prevention and treatment potential in the case of cancer!

Since there are currently only a few meaningful studies on OPC and tumor formation, we are particularly interested in three mechanisms that have already been researched for OPC:
1) Strengthening the immune system, 2) Prevention of oxidation and 3) Collagen synthesis!
It is known that :
• Cancer weakens the immune system and very often emerges from a weak immune system!

• oxidation (free radicals) can lead to cancer!

• Effortless cancer cells attack our organs, which mostly consist of collagen and elastin!

1) Factor immune system in the treatment / prevention of cancer

As the most important co-partner of vitamin C, OPC is able to significantly strengthen the immune system - at the same time, our immune system is enormously proficient in the ability to multiply and prolong the effect of vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin A by a factor of 10!
2) Factor antioxidation in the prevention of cancer
The strongest known antioxidant (40-50 times the effect of vitamin E, 18-20 times the effect of vitamin C!) Is able to put an end to OPC attacking free radicals before they can cause damage!
3) Factor collagen elastin synthesis in the treatment / prevention of cancer
As already described, OPC binds as the only substance to the collagen and elastin and is able to protect and repair it! A mechanism that is not high enough to estimate precisely when cancer, which tries to erode the collagene (organ structure) gradually!
OPC is of course the most effective way to achieve this with its cooperation partner, the vitamin C! The two vitamins act like two inseparable twins, who do each for themselves their activity, but together form an unbeatable team! (It is therefore hardly surprising that these two substances only occur together in nature!)
Although there are some representative studies that demonstrate the efficacy of vitamin C as a co-operating vitamin of OPC without additional agents, and natural vitamin C in studies could already lead to cancer healing, one should not rely on a single agent in the case of acute cancer - Rather, it is a "composition" of natural substances that fight the cancer in the interplay!
OPC / VITAMIN P and allergies
We owe a regular allergy epidemic, from asthma, hay fever, bronchitis to rhinitis, food allergies, animal hair allergies, house dust, etc., to the changing environmental conditions, such as rays, smog, pesticides in food,
Japanese scientists have succeeded in proving that OPC is located at the root of the disease in 1985 and develops its effect where the allergic reaction (inflammation) begins by the activation of the enzyme hyaluronidase! At this point, OPC (vitamin P) blocks the allergy-inducing histamine! * 7 Furthermore, OPC inhibits histidine, a further allergenic substance! * 8
The answer of the school medicine can and must not be at this point the wisdom last conclusion, because the medicines of the pharmaceutical industry, s.g. Antihistamines, are associated with partial unpleasant side effects, from fatigue to nausea, headaches, dizziness, etc.!
And here, too, the OPC in combination with vitamin C unfolds its effect as a natural antiallergic! For example, Prof. Dr. A. Clemetson has demonstrated in a study that histamine in the blood is always associated with a vitamin C deficiency and the further vitamin C levels fall, the higher the histamine level rises! * 9

Vitamin C acts as a co-factor in the degradation and excretion of histamine, which reduces the histamine level and prevents allergies or can heal naturally! * 10 In combination with OPC, a strong antiallergic - without any painful side effects!
OPC and Alzheimer's / Parkinson's
According to current studies, the oxidation and thus the destruction of cells also plays a decisive role in these diseases!

In its capacity as the strongest known antioxidant (20 x as strong as vitamin C, 40x as strong as vitamin E!), OPC protects reliably from damage to the brain cells. In addition, vitamin P (OPC) increases the effect of vitamin C ten fold, which in turn improves hormone production. Of dopamine and melatonin, as well as neurotransmitters (messengers) in the brain! The activation of the neurotransmitters also increases the ability to concentrate as well as the memory performance and improves the reactivity. * 11
Scientists at John Hopkins University were able to prove to 4,740 people aged 65 or older that the intake of vitamin C with vitamin E - the two vitamins, the effect of the OPC tenfold - can reduce Alzheimer's disease!

Those who participated in both vitamins were 78% less likely to be affected by Alzheimer's disease! The protection against free radicals is regarded here as the main reason for this effect!
OPC for depression
Like vitamin C, OPC is able to overcome the hemophilia barrier due to its molecular structure. OPC strengthens the effect of vitamin C by ten times, which in turn can prevent depression by optimizing calcium conversion. And calcium in turn has a direct impact on the neurotransmitters (messengers). * 12
Conversely, a slight vitamin C deficiency can cause chronic depression, irritability and exhaustion! * 13

OPC against inflammation: arthritis, bronchitis, atopic dermatitis, periodontitis, meningitis
In all inflammations ending in "-itis" or "-is" oxidation (free radicals) plays the decisive role! Since OPC is currently the most powerful antioxidant in the world, it effectively combats the occurrence of inflammation and all related diseases!

In this way, OPC / Vitamin P successfully prevents inflammatory processes / diseases and alleviates existing inflammations and diseases based on them!

OPC, vitamin P for colds, fever, flu, rhinitis, tuberculosis
OPC activates our immune system, vitamin C is known to combat colds, flu, rhinitis and tuberculosis as well as fever successfully - OPC strengthens the vitamin C effect by ten times and supports very successful convalescence!

OPC improves intelligence, lowers concentration
Intelligence relief and concentration weakness largely depend on the supply of the brain with nutrients and oxygen. The oxidation, ultimately arteriosclerosis, prevents an optimal supply of oxygen and nutrients.

Owing to its low molecular weight, OPC is able to overcome the brain chamber and perform its work in its capacity as the strongest known antioxidant (20 x as strong as vitamin C, 50x as strong as vitamin E!)! OPC protects reliably from damage to the brain cells and intensifies the effect of the vitamin C by ten times! This, in turn, improves hormone production and the like. Of dopamine and melatonin, as well as neurotransmitters (messengers) in the brain! The activation of the neurotransmitters also increases the ability to concentrate and the memory (intelligence) and improves the reactivity. * 14

Wound healing with OPC
The prerequisite for rapid wound healing is adequate collagen and elastin synthesis! As it is well known, the strength of OPC is to heal wounds, even bone fractures in combination with vitamin P considerably faster!

Respiratory system diseases (bronchitis, asthma)
As described, OPC / vitamin P has a strong anti-inflammatory and anti-asthmatic effect. This is very beneficial in respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and asthma and can minimize and even prevent the onset of both diseases!

OPC against impotence
About 10% of all men suffer from impotence - 85-90% of cases are due to medical reasons!

OPC / VITAMIN P repairs the blood vessels and ensures optimized blood circulation. As a result, the blood gets better into the genitals and supports the erection ("stability")!

Infertility / Infertility
Studies suggest that the destruction of sperms by free radicals (oxidans) also play a decisive role in infertility and / or interstability! OPC as the strongest antioxidant protects the mitochondria of the sperm demonstrably before the oxidation and thus increases the fertility!

OPC for renal insufficiency
OPC, together with vitamin C, is able to strengthen the resistance of our capillary, which is accompanied by a higher filtration rate and excretion of proteins! Renal insufficiency can therefore be prevented or renal problems can be completely eliminated!

OPC / vitamin P for migraine
Migraine is a civilization disease affecting approximately 10% of all people in Central Europe and the USA! As the prevalence of migraine in the industrialized countries has increased by a factor of two to three over the last 40 years, it can be assumed that environmental factors and lifestyle play an essential role in the development of migraine.

Migraine can be triggered in sensitive persons by special situations or substances, so-called triggers (key stimuli). These include, in particular, hormonal factors, sleep, stress, food and environmental factors
Due to the low molecular weight, vitamin P / OPC penetrates the brain barrier and acts directly on the brain cell as the most powerful antioxidant known!

Here, OPC can reliably protect against the effects of environmental factors and at the same time it ensures a better circulation of the brain, which protects against migraine or can alleviate existing migraine!

OPC against periodontal disease
Evidently, the lack of OPC and vitamin C leads to the destruction of the smallest blood vessels in our gums! This disrupts the blood supply and does not adequately supply the gingival tissue with nutrients - there is a drop in the gingival tissue!

OPC as the best known collagen and elastin modulator strengthens the gum tissue and prevents periodontosis reliably!

OPC / vitamin P in gout
Gout is also one of the inflammatory diseases due to free radicals (oxidants)! No antioxidant can keep nearly as many free radicals at the same time as OPC! At the same time, OPC attaches to the hyaline cartilage (articular cartilage) and protects and builds it over s.g. Collagen synthesis back up! In addition, OPC works in this area pain-relieving, which makes the therapy easier!

OPC against arthritis / arthritis
The strength of the OPC lies precisely in the two factors that guarantee the health of the joints:
Namely the counteracting of inflammatory processes in the joint (arthritis) and the protection and reconstruction of the hyaline articular cartilage!

Thus, the cartilage is protected from arthritis and arthritis and even rebuilt!

OPC in premenstrual syndrome (PMS) / women
OPC / Vitamin P has proven to be very effective in premenstrual complaints, it prevents premenstrual syndrome and also controls the regularity of the female period!

Bone loss (term: osteoporosis) mostly affects many women in menopause - but due to unhealthy lifestyle and environmental factors affects more and more young people of both sexes! OPC is able to support the bone matrix by the formation of procollagen and collagen synthesis, thus preventing osteoporosis!

OPC helps with varicose veins / broomers
By repairing the vascular walls, improving the elasticity and simultaneous removal of deposits, varicose veins as well as broomsticks are prevented, and existing varicose veins and broomers disappear!

OPC against hemorrhoids
OPC improves the elasticity of the blood vessels in the anus area and prevents deposits in the blood vessels - both prevents hemorrhoids and ensures relief!

Pulmonary respiratory tract diseases
Antioxidant effects of vitamin P (OPC) on the capillaries of the lungs protect the lungs and positively influence the lung function. The latter is particularly noteworthy for endurance athletes!

Heavy legs
"Heavy legs" describe the condition of a lymphatic dysfunction and circulation disorder! Venous pains in the leg area (especially calves) is the most common cause of "heavy legs"!
Thanks to antioxidant processes and resulting better circulation of the legs, OPC ensures that the blood can also flow better in the lower limbs - heavy legs are pre-bent!

Dry skin
Very many people suffer from a dry, sometimes rough skin! Here, OPC can help very well because it binds to the collagen and elastin of the skin and nourishes and regenerates the skin from within!

Acne, pimples
Due to the accelerated regeneration of the skin (due to collagen and elastin synthesis), the skin renews faster and the acne or pimples are projected!

Cellulitis / weak connective tissue
Tightening the connective tissue of any kind is the paradigm discipline of OPC! By active build-up and renewal of the collagen and elastin, limp tissue and cellulite is pre-diffused and existing tissue weaknesses are reduced!

Stretch Marks / Pregnancy Strips
As is known, OPC accelerates the collagen and elastin build-up, stretching strips or pregnancy strips are prefabricated and existing stretching strips and pregnancy strips are partly removed!

As indicated, OPC (vitamin P) promotes the decline of s.g. Oxidases and supports the liver in the breakdown of toxins and other toxic substances in the body! Especially people who drink a lot of alcohol, smoke or hormones are dependent on the intake of OPC!

Hair loss, hair loss
OPC strengthens circulation in the scalp area and contributes to improved nutrient and oxygen supply to the follicles! This way, OPC can prevent hair loss and avoid hair breakage!
Hormonell, antiviral / -bacterial (this is an unbeatable extract of grapefruit kernels!), Cleansing as a catalyst, antioxidant, collagen- and elastin-building!
As you can see in the above description of the mode of action in the individual disorders, the antioxidative and collagen- and elastin-building effect is of the greatest importance!

Oxidation = Degeneration - Diseases - Aging
While on fatal diseases like cancer, heart disease, brain stroke and many others. (Why she does not want to know this, you can find out in the menu point "Reason for Fraud" and "Manipulative Network!"), All serious scientists agree on a fact:

Aging processes and most diseases are related to the oxidation of our body cells!
What do you mean with that?

Oxidation is caused by s.g. "Free radicals" which, in combination with oxygen, attack and destroy our body cells! (Can be imagined like the rust, which gnaws at the car body!) It is precisely this destruction by the free radicals (oxidansen) that gives us diseases And let us age!
We hang on to:
1. Free radicals damage our cell membranes, our cells, our genes, our DNA, our protein and our fats.
2. Free radicals accelerate the tissue decay, so the physical aging
3. Free radicals generate or accelerate a series of s.g. "Civilization diseases" such as:

• Ateriosclerosis
• Respiratory tract diseases
• Blood vessel diseases
• Cancer
• Diabetes
• Cystic fibrosis
• Inflammation
• Hepatitis
• Parkinson's disease
• Alzheimer's disease
• Arthritis
• Down syndrom
• Uva.

Antioxidation = regeneration - healthy-and-young-keeping
Conversely, this fact means that we were spared from most illnesses and would not age biologically after the completion of our growth, the body could neutralize all free radicals (oxidansen)!

Since OPC (vitamin P) is the most effective antioxidant (40-50x as effective as vitamin E, 18-20x as effective as vitamin C!), This is of immense importance!

Collagen elastin resynthesis = tissue regeneration / organs
Roughly, the most important tissue forms of the human body (skin, blood vessels, nerves, joints, organs, bones, etc.) are mainly composed of the 2 protein building blocks (amino acids) "elastin" and "collagen" !
What has OPC (and vitamin C) to do with it and what do they have in common?
Very easily:
They are the most effective partners for rebuilding and maintaining collagen and elastin!

Without the use of OPC and vitamin C, your body can not produce and renew collagen and elastin! Supplied with sufficient OPC and vitamin C, the body protects itself against numerous diseases and degeneration by collagen and elastin synthesis! In contrast to vitamin C, OPC has a protein affinity and binds directly to the collagens and the elastin - and thus does its successful work directly on site!

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